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Healing past life traumas that block us from moving forward in this life.


Making us hole again by retrieving the lost pieces of our soul that got left behind at various traumatic experiences during this life time.

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Sound vibrates through our body and because our body is made up of 60% water it has a strong healing capacity. It can calm us when we are restless, it can comfort us when we are sad and when we feel joy it can further open our heart center.

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Giving you insights and answers to key questions that will help you on your path of healing, acceptance and spiritual growth.


Our relationship with our suroundings and the people in it clearly show us where we still carry pain. It sheds light on our pain and our shadow side.

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I use a holistic  approach during the body work, where body and spirit are treated as one.


Taking a holistic aproach to healing and clearing deeply routed  spiritual, emotional, physical, mental triggers that block us from moving forward.

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The Ñusta Karpay is an initiation to heal and integrate all female aspects inside you. The Ñusta are the goddesses, princesses and priestesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation. The Ñusta come from the sacred lakes and mountains in Peru.

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