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Sound vibrates through our body and because our body is made up of 60% water it has a strong healing capacity. It can calm us when we are restless, it can comfort us when we are sad and when we feel joy it can further open our heart.

In ancient times sound was used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation and self-transformation. More and more its benefits are also being recognized in today's age, with many finding it to be a powerful healing technique .
Sound is the first thing we experience in the womb when we enter this world. And the last of the senses to stay intact before we cross over. The vibration of sound can be experienced like the rippling off the water when you drop a rock in a puddle. A strong center that fades out softly and this is also how sound moves through our body, gently pulsating through each cell. As our bodies are made up of 60% water we are deeply affected by sound waves and vibrations, with great healing potential. 

Sound healing is a deeply relaxing and harmonizing experience, recommended for many different types of physical ailments, emotional and mental related issues. In my sessions I combine singing with singing bowls, tuning forks and drumming.

I tune into your heart/your soul, and I just let the words and sounds flow out from my heart. The words and sounds can initiate deep healing and bring old memories to the surface to fade out and be released like the rippling of water. The words and sounds are different for every person. I call the sounds the voices of the heart, the language of the soul.

A session takes 60 minutes hour and is divided into three parts. The first 10 minutes we discuss the areas you would like me to focus on during the sound healing. This is followed by a 40 minute session where I am guided through the different life times and events on your soul journey. We end with another 10 minutes for us to discuss the shifts you experienced. A session takes place one on one in my practice.



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