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Our relationship with our suroundings and the people in it clearly show us where we still carry pain. It sheds light on our pain and our shadow side.

Do you ever feel unseen? Treated unfairly? Not understood? Or do you carry resentment, anger and frustration with you? The relationship with the world around us, whether it is with your partner, family, friends, colleague's or strangers, clearly shows us where within ourselves we still carry pain and have not yet admitted to our shadow side.

Other people in this world invite you to look at yourself and to take responsibility for your own feelings and thoughts. The healing of your pain lies within yourself.


In mirror therapy you will consciously look at your thoughts and your internal and external reaction patterns, either 1 on 1 or if you like together with your partner. It gives you insight into how you perceive the outside world and what the behavior of the other person reflects in you. By observing and feeling within your body what these thoughts and emotions bring up, you descend deep into your being. To arrive at the place where you feel responsible for how thoughts and feelings influence your inner and outer world. To then learn to consciously choose to allow the discomfort and thus give yourself the opportunity to release and let go. Each time you turn inward and feel what is being touched within you, you will find that it dissolves more and more and feelings of freedom, harmony and autonomy will begin to flow through you.


In 10 sessions of 1 hour you will, alone or together with your partner, descend into your own emotional world and your built up patterns. I will guide you through this process by talking to you, inviting you to feel and using body work. Through this process you will learn to see and release feelings, emotions and thoughts of being treated unfairly, resentment,  frustration and anger. In this way you come more and more into your own power/autonomy and into connection with your true self and deep knowing.


After these sessions it will be clear to you where your triggers lie, where they originate from and how you can take responsibility for your own reaction to triggers in your body in connection to your environment. You will be shown how you can deal with the pain that is touched in you, take responsibility and learn to react and act more from a place of choice and consciousness as apposed to an automatic reaction.


10 Sessions of 1 hour                               €950,-

10 Sessions of 1,5 hours for a couple         €1350,-

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