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Making us hole again by retrieving the lost pieces of our soul that got left behind at various traumatic experiences during this life time.

The soul is the part of us that goes on without our body, even though it is held by our body in this life. The soul is the driving force to follow our passions that connect to a higher purpose. It is that part of us that is clear of complaint, doubt, fear, ego and worry. 

A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation, when we have a fearful experience or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member. These types of experiences can cause parts of our soul to get fragmented and left behind at that given place in time. During a soul retrieval session we are guided back to these events to release the trauma and reunite the soul fragments that where left behind to become hole once again.

A session takes 1,5 hours and consists of a half hour intake where we dive deeper into the topics you would like to get more insights and clarity on. This is followed by a 45 minute session where I am guided through the different life times and events on your soul journey. We end with15 minute for us to discuss the bigger topics that where revealed.  The session can be done one on one in my practice or online via zoom.



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