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Giving you insights and answers to key questions that will help you on your path of healing, acceptance and spiritual growth.

During a reading we may look at different areas of your life that you feel stuck in. These can be related to childhood trauma, relationships, family issues, your spiritual path, remembering what you came here to do and who you really are on a soul level, connecting with departed loved ones, life lessons, fears and phobias or other questions you may have so we can help you take a step forward towards becoming your authentic self.


I am guided by my spirit, guides and counselors though images, emotions and sounds to give you the answers you are looking for. During this procces I sometimes sing to connect to messages that want to come through or to get more clearity on specific details of the message.


A session takes 75 minutes and is divided into three parts. The first 15 minutes we discuss the areas you feel stuck in or want clearity on. This is followed by a 45 minutes session where you can ask the questions you would like answers to. We end with another 15 minutes for us to discuss the shifts and healing you experienced. A session takes place one on one in my practice or online via zoom.

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75 minutes €130-

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