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Therapeutic Bodywork

Releasing the physical, emotional and energetic blockages

in our body.

I use a holistic  approach during the body work, where body and spirit are treated as one.


Several body work styles are intuitively combined depending on what your body needs both physically and emotionally.

Like therapeutic massage, somatic experiencing and osteopathy. In this way your mind and body are brought back into unity and balance.


The different techniques are combined to help release old pain and trauma imprints in the body, both physical and emotional.

*Therapeutic Bodywork is only given to woman.


  60 Minutes              €85,-

  90 Minutes              €115,-

120 Minutes              €155,-


Buy a 5 session card and get a 10% discount 

5x   60 Minutes              €382,-

5x   90 Minutes              €495,-

5x 120 Minutes              €697,-


* All cards and gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

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