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Therapeutic Bodywork

Releasing the physical, emotional and energetic blockages

in our body.

A holistic approach is used during the during the body work, where body and spirit are treated as one. Our emotions and feelings leave a deep impression in our body. What we feel and experience in our lives affects our bodies, both fine and not so fine experiences. For example, fear and anger about an experience can become deeply lodged in your body.


Fusion of several body work styles, like therapeutic massage, somatic experiencing and osteopathy are intuitively combined depending on what your body needs both physically and emotionally. The different techniques are combined to help release old pain and trauma imprints in the body, both physical and emotional.

A session is divided into two parts. The first 15 minutes ,we discuss what you are facing physically and emotionally. This is followed by a bodywork session in which we work with dissolving the emotional and physical impressions in your body. From experience, Nathalie knows that most experiences leave deep impressions in one's emotional and physical field and often a number of sessions are needed to change it at a deeper layer. A session takes place one-to-one in my practice.

*Therapeutic Bodywork is only given to woman.


  60 Minutes              €85,-

  90 Minutes              €115,-

120 Minutes              €155,-


Buy a 5 session card and get a 10% discount 

5x   60 Minutes              €382,-

5x   90 Minutes              €495,-

5x 120 Minutes              €697,-


* All cards and gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

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