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4 Level

Taking a holistic approach to healing and clearing deeply rooted spiritual, emotional, physical as well as mental triggers that inhibit us from moving forward.

The 4 level healing package is a more holistic approach to clearing and healing deeply rooted issues that manifest as pain in our physical body and trigger or block us emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In a series of 8 1,5 hour sessions we will make an inventory of your symptoms, traumas, limiting beliefs and other blockages. 

I will be supported by my guidance team to help locate, heal and transform these issues using 4 different techniques. Starting with a reading so we will get a better understanding of the origin of your issues. Followed by a series of therapeutic bodywork, soul retrieval, past life healing and sound healing sessions.

All theses different techniques will support your healing process on a conscious and unconscious level to restore the natural flow of your spiritual, emotional, physical body.



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