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Private and Online
Yoga classes

Dissolving and releasing stagnant energy and toxins from through yoga exercises best suited for your body

I work with transformational yoga, a form of hatha yoga in which we explore the blocks in one’s person and body. The yoga is a combination of body positions (asanas), meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama) in which we work with dissolving and releasing the stagnant flow of energy and toxins.

During a private lesson we first establish your main points of focus. From there we choose the asanas and the meditations matching your current situation. I am also guided to share certain asanas best suited for you during each class.

The private yoga classes are 1 hour and can be done 1 on 1 in my practice or via zoom.

Online yoga class every saturday from 9-10 am


Private Class

  1x introduction class €70,-

  4x classes              €300,- 

10x classes              €675,-  

* Buy a 10 class card and get a 10% discount

Online yoga class

  1x iclass                €10,-

  4x classes              €35,- 

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