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Tribe Circle

Connecting, sharing, growing and healing together in a safe and sacred space to embody our souls.


Conscious expansion programme - Mind in a body

In this course, we connect and taste the different layers of being. We open to the I, We and Being consciousness. We talk about consciousness. What it means, how and when we experience a leap forward. What it means to emerge and make conscious changes inside and outside our circle.

Most of the time, we believe we are conscious. But even between being conscious and being aware, there is a big difference. We can have moments of being conscious when everything around us ceases to exist. That means everything slows down and you really see for the first time. The moment we notice this presence, we usually lose it.

Being conscious makes us aware of our presence, we observe ourselves in the world around us. From here, self-consciousness develops into a constant presence. Inside, a sense of stillness emerges. For the first time, you move freely in your body. Enjoying the experience you decided to have when you dove headfirst into your mother's womb.

4 embodiment  meetings

4 meetings in practice
Dates: Saturday 8 March, 6 April, 11 May and 8 June
Time: 13:00-16:30

4 online meetings

Dates: Monday 18 March, 22 April, 20 May and 17 June
Time: 19:30-20:15


4 embodiment meeting and 4 online meeting €525-

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