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The Nustas are the goddesses of the Q'eros. They come from the high mountains of Peru and are the original descendants of the Incas

The Nusta Karpay is a workshop that contains a set of 7 different initiations, the 7 goddess initiations from the Andes. The Nustas are the goddesses of the Q'eros. They come from the high mountains of Peru and are the original descendants of the Incas. The Nusta Karpay initiations are associated with the 7 sacred mountains in Peru. For the Q'eros, the number 7 is a sacred number and represents, among other things, the 7 female (sacred) mountains in Peru and the 7 chakras. These & Nustas are the most important goddesses of the Q'eros and they support Mother Earth (Pachamama).

During the initiations you walk the path to female wholeness and restore the balance between the feminine and masculine energy. These initiations bring women back into their own power and it awakens the goddess energy within them. For men, it strengthens their sensitivity and brings them to their gentleness. It brings balance and wholeness to both women and men as the feminine and masculine energies unite again. With these initiations, the seeds of light are brought into the chakras and activated.

The seven Nustas

Each Nusta initiation reconnects you the different parts of yourself.

Mama Ocllo

Mama Ocllo is the mother of all goddesses, the goddess of wisdom and connectedto Mother Earth. Mama Ocllo connects us to our base, our centre. It heals your feminine power and gives balance. She gives you a firm grounding on pachamama.

Donia Mujia, Mama Serena, Anchanchu
Goddess of water, connects you to the spirit of water and helps you sooth and dissolve the wounded ego.

Mama Simonia
Mama Simonia is the goddess of fire. She connects you to your inner fire, your feminine power. She also brings healing and connection to your ancestral lines.

Doña Teresa
The mother of the heart. She assists you with healing your inner child. And in healing and opening your heart even more.

Maria Sakapana
Maria Sakapana supports you in clear and transparent communication, expressing yourself. So that you can stay close to your true self.

Huana Huaman Tik'lla
Goddess who connects you to the falcon. Helps in opening your third eye, so that you may receive visions and learn to see who you truly are.

Tomasa Huaman Tik'lla
Goddess of freedom, she provides the integration of all Nustas. Connects you to the universe and gives transformation, growth so you may blossom.



Individual €333,-

Group setting €275,-

Upcomming dates

Sunday 3th september from 10:00-17:00 (Individual or in a small group of five)

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