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In the Heart 
of Being

A spiritual journey in the heart of being,

connecting to who we truly are. Unfolding as we move on in being a human in our time here on earth together with Nathalie and Jose…

In this podcast we connect the spirit with the body. Nathalie works as a healer and therapist and in this podcast she consults the spirits, guides and counselors. She has been doing this for over 13 years and this connection has existed from the day she entered this world. The spirits, guides and counselors connect her to the layers of being, dimensions and the library of knowledge. Where she connects the spirit with the body, which she loves to share with you all.

Her partner in this podcast is Jose a very dear colleague, who is open for new ideas, wants to understand the way things work and dives deep. She brings along a vibrant energy, endless curiosity and asks the right questions. 
Will you join us in our quest, weaving the unknown into the known.

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