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About me


In 2005 a friend told me about Amma a guru from India. I went to her and had a special experience, she woke me up. She gave me a hug and spoke Hindi to me. I heard what she said, "girl what have you done!". Deep sadness came up and tears rolled down my cheeks. That night I dreamt of a whirlpool, I was in the midst of it and someone reached out his hand. I did not manage to take it and I went deeper down. Suddenly I heard 'if I keep doing what I'm doing I'll drown' and I woke up. I resigned and went on a journey, to the mountains of Peru/Bolivia the magic of the Incas,Q'eros. A seed had been planted without me realizing it.


My next trip took me to India where I learned to massage. So opened my new path upon returning home, I began massaging and more and more forms of healing came my way. Yoga what felt like a deep memory, knowledge beyond this time. The deep loneliness gave way to a feeling that everything is connected and I was and am a part of the whole. And slowly the seed from Peru also came to life. I did a number of initiations with the queros from Peru, such as the Hatun Karpay (the great initiation), Mosuq Karpay (initiation into the energy of the new time) and Kinsa Ch’ata Karpay (initiation into the energy of Orion). This last initiation I received from one of the Q'eros elders. A magical initiation that clarified my understanding of the beginning, end and origin.

This world of matter and the other world of light have been part of me for as long as I can remember. A near death experience as a baby left the gateway to the other layers of consciousness open. It makes that I can often see situations and events from different perspectives and can visualize and release blockages on different layers. My sessions regardless of the form work on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages held in the body or energetic field. With an open heart I look at what the spirits and my guides want to show. Often it works like this, that before someone comes. I get information about what this person is struggling with or what they need. I consult my guides when someone has a question or they show me how something works. They show me images and allow me to feel in my own body what the person is struggling with. What they share with me, I say during or after a session. For my work it does not matter if you are physically present or if we do a session online/at a distance. The energy and information of my guides and spirits is separate from the physical world. Healing in the energetic field is healing in the body.

Personal coaching, massage, yoga and mediation have not only shaped my own path, it has also shown me something that I wanted others to experience. For that reason I opened my own practice, Pereg, in 2010, to be able to introduce people, in their own way, to awareness, healing, massage and the effects of yoga and mediation techniques. Over the years my consciousness evolved, as did that of many of my clients. This led me to widen my range offerings for the development of the collective consciousness and this is how Nathalie Nevali was born.

For more information about the different types of treatments that I offer please go to my treatment page. All of my treatments are given in my practice located at Hillegomstraat 14 in Amsterdam.


My empathic nature and background in psychology awakened my interest in the development and awareness of the individual.

Education, training and workshops

  • Doctorate in psychology, University of Amsterdam

  • Ayurvedic body massage, facial massage and Shirodhara, Goa India

  • Intuitive painting, Ori, Dharamsala India

  • Indian Head Massage, Solar Plexus Training, Amersfoort

  • Ayurvedic abdominal massage, Massage in Motion, Alphen a/d Rijn

  • Classical massage with anatomy, Solar Plexus Training, Amersfoort

  • Hara (abdomen) massage, Tina Aleksandra from Harahealing, India

  • Workshop Thai yoga massage, Thai Hand Amsterdam

  • Spa sponge / mini Hammam massage, Massage parlor dolphin, Zwolle

  • Massaging without hands Rustpunt massage, Arnhem

  • Shiatsu & Ayurveda massage, Ganga Hoogendoorn, Amsterdam

  • Womb Awakening, Fountain of Life, Amsterdam

  • Lunar Blood Wimb Awakening, Fountain of Life, Amsterdam

  • Hatun Karpay, 1st initiation Munay Karpay Shiva's Secret, Amsterdam

  • Hatun Karpay, 2 initiation Munay Yachay, Shiva's Secret, Amsterdam

  • Model drawing and painting, Peter Eurlings, Amsterdam

  • Vipassana meditation, Dhama, Brazil

  • Dru meditation and yoga, Dru, Driebergen

  • Personal Coach Training, Move a Mountain in Meppel

  • Art therapy, Civas, Haarlem

  • Yoga teacher training Transformative Yoga, Sai Mitra, Amsterdam

  • Kundalini Yoga workshop, It’s just Yoga, Amsterdam

  • Yoga and Reiki workshop, Yoga Trail, Amsterdam

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop, Trauma Center, Kopenhagen Denemarken

  • Tension Release workshop, Yogalab, Amsterdam

  • Yoga on the chair, Stoelyoga Nederland, Hoofddorp

  • Training Voice Liberation, Jan-Hendrik Veenkamp, Haarlem

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